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Color Book Holiday Wreaths

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write letter from santa wreathiconHoliday Wreaths

I applied the kaliedoscope feature of my graphics app to create a few decorations with baubles, bells and bows.  The kaliedoscope is my favorite feature.  Occasionally I'll randomly select a few images from scissorcraft library to see what surprises I can find. 

Decorate the windows and walls with colorful paper wreaths while you decorate.  Make paper wreath Christmas tree ornaments and table-settings for the holidays.

Kids can enjoy framing letters to Santa with brilliantly colored, eye-catching wreaths. 

Use as stationery to share paper messages or letters to friends, relatives, classmates or co-workers.

Frame a photograph with a colorful wreath to give to a loved ones.

Enhance images by adding colorful sprinkles of construction paper or sprinkles of glitter and bows here and there.  String several different decorated wreaths together to make garlands.  Have Fun!