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Hop Into Easter Egg Decorating with easy Easter egg printable color book arts and crafts children of all ages can enjoy. Designs range from traditional Ukrainian Pysanky eggs, historical Russian Fabergé, Christian crosses, Valentine, St. Patrick's Day (and other holidays) patriotic, to South Sea Island Tikis, snowflakes, mandalas and whimsical bunnies and flowery patterns.

Beginning Kirigami

(the art of cutting and folding paper) and create folding hens, chickens and candy baskets. Hundreds of fun ideas for creating Easter Eggs, bunnies, baskets, crafts, games, and gift ideas young children can make for the holidays.

Polish and Ukrainian people take great care in creating beautiful Pysanky decorated eggs. Coloring your own Easter eggs is a fun way to celebrate the emergence of springtime.

Easter eggs are colorfully decorated with symbols associated with the Easter holiday and springtime. The egg is a symbol of fertility and new life. Customs and traditions of Easter Egg Decorating have been associated with Easter for centuries. The exact day Easter falls on is determined as the first Sunday after the full moon on or after March 21.

Eggs Across the Planetpysanky medley1200

Many cultures have distinctive ways of decorating eggs. In Greece red or crimsom colored eggs are preferred. Green eggs are the favorites of Germany and Austria for Maundy (Holy) Thursday. Slavic folks paint their eggs with patterns of gold and silver.