Make a Unique Six Sided E-flake

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How To E-FlakeMake 6 Sided Snowflakes

on your own PC

I make all my images, snowflakes and otherwise, using an old and funky Paint Shop Pro application, version 7. I usually draw simple black and white images and have little need to learn more complicated art programs. Since I am an artist, whenever I want to design something spectacular I generally just draw it out using pen, brush and paper.

So, with that apology for having just a slight tinge of luddite, this tutorial below is how I make my flakes. You can find tons of tutorials now out on the net, and also down loadable snowflake apps to plug into your ipod, desktop or cell phone. But if you like to create, then experiment with your own paint program and maybe my clunky method might help a bit with overall conceptualization.

For design ideas, Snowflake suggests you visit the Science pages Snowflake Classification pages, which link to many online photographs of real snowflakes to choose from. Please respect copyrights.

Snowflake uses the Paint Shop Pro graphic program to make snowflake designs.

These screen prints which display above explain how to use your own graphics program to create your own unique snowflake designs

Start with the basic 6-sided snowflake pattern:


Step 1

Copy the 6 sided snowflake triangle shape to your new image document:

howto 1200


Step 2

Draw your snowflake section using white color on black background for maximum contrast.

step2 1200


Step 3

Copy the image and paste, first by flipping the pasted image before de-selecting.

 step3 1200

Step 4

Copy the resulting image and paste, first by rotating the pasted image 60 degrees before deselecting.

 step4 1200

Step 5

Select a square section of the resulting image and paste, first by mirroring the pasted image before de-selecting.

 step5 1200

Step 6

Select the entire upper section of the resulting image and paste, first by flipping the pasted image before deselecting.

Ta Da! Your original creation!