Snow People Giftwrap

snowflake sleds downhillicon A snowman is an anthropomorphic sculpture made almost entirely out of snow. The non-snow additions are usually old hats, cast off jackets, snow shovels, neck scarves, rocks and coal chunks for eyes and mouths, sticks or carrots and other vegetables for noses. Snow people are most often built by children upon snowfall.

Snow people consist of two or three balls of snow. The bottom ball is the largest piece, middle ball about half the size as the bottom and top ball or head the smallest piece.

Frosty the Snowman

Snow art is a popular winter sport among areas with abundant snowfall. Super cold climate build ice houses and castles which can last an entire winter season as tourist attractions.

All of the snow people in this section are available in color book format in Scissorcraft./p>

Print-it-yourself wallpaper or gift-wrap snowmen and snow people theme paper gift wrap for small, personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by letter or legal sized paper.


Use these snowmen and snow people backgrounds for creating special, one-of-a kind gift wrapping for small presents. Colorful and unique gift wrap you can print on your home or office laser jet or color printer. Save yourself the hassle of the last minute scramble to find the perfect wrapping paper for the office party or spur of the moment gift. Great for wrapping stocking stuffers, jewelry, gifts, dog and cat treats, CD', DVD's, candy and other meaningful, special and personal small presents.