Women Feminine Theme

gaia goddess crescent moonsiconWomen and girls people theme gift wrap for small, personalized and unique gifts that can be easily covered by printer or copier paper. The women and girls printables are all derived from the free paper crafts for children, hobbiests and personal art projects in Paper and Scissor Crafts for Children web site: www.scissorcraft.com.

You can make craft activities out of printed gift wrap too. Make a colorful snowflake or a laminated place mat to enhance decorations for cultural party themes. Print several different images and cut into strips to weave into place mats or hanging ornaments. Laminate your favorites to reuse for future events.

Colorful and unique gift wrap you can print on your home or office laser jet or color printer.

Girls and Women Gift Wrap

Save yourself the hassle of the last minute scramble to find the perfect wrapping paper for the office party or spur of the moment gift. Great for wrapping stocking stuffers, jewelry, gifts, dog and cat treats, CD', DVD's, candy and other meaningful, special and personal small presents.