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Purses and Handbags 

Whatever did humanity do before the invention of the bags?  People use bags to carry groceries, clothing, trash, stuff to donate, hold precious possessions, go back packing, haul food, blankets and utilities to the beach.  What would we do without bags?  
Handbags and coin purses serve the very functional and specific purpose of carrying a person's valuable identification, money, toiletries, hair combs and grocery lists.  Unlike other bags, handbags come in a seemingly endless variety of colors, sizes, shapes and designs.  That is because people who carry handbags prefer fashion as well as function and choose between different styles to match or accompany the choice of attire or dress.

Challenge the young budding artist with these fun beach bags and high fashion handbag and coin purse images. Print and color these purses and handbags with crayons or markers.

Hold a designing contest in the classroom and vote on the best design. Print on shrink art media and color to create fun charms for bracelets or ear-rings and necklaces.