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Geometric Ornament Cut Ups

trapezoid sun burst

Geometric Shaped Ornaments

This section contains geometric shaped printable Christmas and holiday ornaments which can be useful for teachers of math. I think a good activity might be to have children print and color each geometric shape ornament, color and decorate then identify the shape...not necessarily in that order.

Large images for creating giant, over-sized ornaments for decorating the classroom, Christmas tree, house or yard while learning mathematical shapes.

Look around.  Everything built of concrete, wood or straw involves use of one or a combination of geometric shapes. Houses are convinations of squares, rectangles and triangles. Some houses have round windows or are constructed using the geodesic dome. The Disneyworld theme park in Orlando Florida features a huge geodesic dome which resembles a giant golf-ball.

Geometric Shaped Child Crafts

gm comboicon   Combo Shapes   circle   Circle   cones   Cone   decagon   Decagon   decagram   Decagram   dodecagon   Dodecagon   dodecagram   Dodecagram   enneagram   Enneagram   hendecagon   Hendecagon   heptagon   Heptagon   heptadecagon   Heptadecagon   heptagram   Heptagram   hexagon   Hexagon   hexagram   Hexagram   icosagon   Icosagon   isoceles   Isoceles   nonagon   Nonagon   octagon   Octagon   octagram   Octagram   oval   Oval   parallelogram   Parallelogram   pentadecagon   Pentadecagon   pentagon   Pentagon   pentagram   Pentagram   quadrilateral   Quadrilateral   rectangle   Rectangle   rhomboid   Rhomboid   rhombus   Rhombus   basic-spirals   Spirals   square   Square   trapezoid   Trapezoid   triangles   Triangles   tridecagon   Tridecagon   tetradecagon   Tetradecagon