Egg Notes

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Egg-Shaped Secret Messages and Notes

egg notesDecorate for the Easter holiday with educational and fun stationery invitations and egg notes theme color book craft printable images. Decorate for the Easter party or cover the office cubicle for office party or family gathering decorations or send to family and friends. Hang the stationery invitations and egg notes theme in the window panes for pretty paper Easter color book images.

Write secret Egg notes or Easter Trivia for family and friends with our exclusive eggie stationery based upon famous Fabergé Eggs.

Color the yolk parts of these egg notes stationery and invitations bright yellow and decorate both the back and front sides of the whites of the egg with crayons or markers.

Hide egg notes in plastic Easter Eggs for the big egg hunt. Make a contest with the door prize hidden in an Egg Note.

Color the stationery invitations and egg notes theme images with crayons or markers. Embroider or crochet the stationery invitations and egg notes designs onto pillow cases and hanker chiefs. Make stationery invitations and egg notes theme coasters or place mats for beverage containers or table settings.