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pysanky medley clrEaster Egg Colors Symbols & Meanings

Specific colors and symbols are important with traditional Pysanky decorating because each color and symbol has a special, usually religious, significance.

Designs on Pysanky Easter eggs are commonly derived from ancient, traditional peasant art.

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Pysanky (also spelled Pisanki) Easter Egg designs are traditional Ukranian folk art designs which are decorated within simple geometrical forms such as circles, squares, diamond shapes and flowery repetitive vines and foliage.


Traditional symbols appearing on Ukrainian Pysanky Egg Designs

  • Diamond: signifies knowledge
  • Ladder: signifies prosperity, or prayer
  • Pine Needle: signifies health, physical energy, eternal youth
  • Cross: Any form of the cross signifies the Resurrection of Christ, death and suffering, or the Four Corners of the World.
  • Wheat: signifies wishes for good health and a bountiful harvest
  • Dots: represent stars or the tears of Mary during the crucifixion
  • Net: signifies Christ as a fisherman
  • Eight-pointed Star: symbolizes Christ and/or the sun god
  • Deer, Horses, rams, and animals in general: signify wealth and prosperity
  • Fish: signifies Christianity
  • Curl: signifies defense or protection
  • Spider: signifies patience
  • Rose: signifies love, caring
  • Triangle: signifies trinity. EG: air, fire, and water; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; heaven, earth, and hell
  • The Saw (also known as Wolves' teeth): signifies fire, life-giving heat loyalty and wisdom
  • Resting Bird: signifies fulfillment of wishes, and fertility. The bird is never depicted flying
  • Poppy: symbolizes joy and beauty
  • The Sun and Stars: signifies life, fortune, growth
  • Ribbon: signifies everlasting life, and water
  • Designs circling the entire egg: Designs with no beginning or end signify eternity
WHITE: Purity, innocence, birth
YELLOW: Light, purity, youth, happiness, hospitality
ORANGE: Strength, endurance, the eternal sun
RED: Happiness in life, hope, passion, the sun
eggcolors BLACK: Eternity, the darkest time before the dawn
BLUE: The sky and life-giving air and good health
GREEN: Spring, hope and new growth