Connect Dots Puzzle

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Connect the Dots Games

Children love dot-to-dot puzzles and I can vouch for that having been a child at one time.   Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing the dot to dot box game with my father.  It was fun to try to beat the master while he cleverly taught me how to analyze and plan ahead.   These skills sure came in handy later in life.

Print and solve these fun and free educational connect the dots games. Dot to dot games can improve cognitive perception and visual development in young children and those with learning disabilities. 

Count and solve puzzles

Dot to dot count and solve picture puzzles are entertaining methods of teaching analytical, problem solving skills.  Next time a trip is in the planning, instead of the ipods and electronic gizmos and mind-dulling cartoons on DVD, print a collection of dot to dot games, load up on colored pencils or crayons, grab some other color book images from scissorcraft for children while your at it and force those techy-heads to play together and take a break from modern technology.

Dot to Dot Snowflake Crystals

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