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Our new mobile Scissorcrafts library is nearing completion.

New library, filled with fantastic image displays here,

  • Easy to navigate!
  • Searchable!
  • Enhanced image quality!
  • Large size image format!
  • New and Vastly improved images

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Because Covid 19 crisis has negatively impacted us and so many other families, since our dust is not quite yet settled with this re-design, please accept a full year membership (regularly $15.00) for a small token of $1.00.

Note: When the crisis is lifted, prices will return to the regular $15.00 yearly subscription rates. Everyone with a current Scissorcrafts subscription will be added to this new membership site ASAP. If you want access now or faster, send an email pkelley9 @ gmail.com



Betty and Bob Factory Workers

betty bob comboth

Betty and Bob Factory Workers

crazy betty

Betty: "I can make the boss give me the day off."

Bob: "You know the boss won't let you off, it's rush time."

Betty: "I have a fool proof plan, you just wait and see."

Betty then leaped up to a cross beam and hung upside-down from the ceiling.

Boss comes in sees his upside down employee. "Betty! What do you think you are doing hanging upside down from the rafters?" he asked

Betty responds: "Don't you recognize a light ficture when you see one? I am a light bulb!"

The boss responds: "Betty, you've been working so hard I think you've lost your mind.  Take the day off, go home and rest."

Elated, Betty happily danced joyfully out the door.

Bob begins to follow Betty out the door.

The boss demands: "Hey! Where do you think you are going?"

Bob responds: "I can't work in the dark"